Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How do you remove fresh tattoo ink?

I need to remove a line on a tattoo I had done a few hours ago. The artist suggested using peroxide and I wanted to make sure it would work before I ruined my tattoo.
It takes laser beams, dude! You need to see a dermatologist. And pray that your tattoo artist didn't use really unusual or blended colors. The laser beams are color-specific, and they don't always match up with unusual or blended colors.
tattoos are permanent. they dont come off like the stick on ones. if your artist messed up then he/she should try to do a cover up if possible, or just pray that it doesnt look too bad. peroxide at best will discolor it. if it works let me know. i wish you good luck though.
No, using peroxide won't work. He sounds like a terrible tattooist to suggest something like that. No wonder he messed up.Sorry, but there is nothing you can be except laser removal. Once it's done, it's done.
I'm assuming the access ink (I don't really know if that's what it is) right after you get it done is what you're talking about. For at least 24 hours after mine it kept bleeding and it looked as if the ink were washing off (although it was just the blood). Peroxide should work just to clean up the area. I'm actually pretty sure that's what the artists tell you to use the first night you clean it. Just be sure to use LOTS of lotion for the next couple weeks.I really hope you're talking about what looks like access ink and not a mess up...if it's an actual line he tattooed on you, well- that's horrible. Really unprofessional if it was a mistake and you should be taking it up with him!
Peroxide will not remove the line. What kind of artist did you go to?? Best suggestion is to wait till it heals and see if something can be done to blend the line or something along those lines.Ok everyone makes mistakes even tattoo artists but to tell you to try to remove it with peroxide is absurd!!!!!!!!!
3 months ago
work for a tattoo and piercing shop and have many of my own
Okay, we mess up on lines too, but I feel for ya dude. This isnt a quick fix but it works. Since it is a small area you will have to use a q-tip. Use a really good exfoliator and a TINY bit of peroxide. You will be rapidly removing layers of your epidermis forcing healing layers from the dermis to rise (dermis is where the tattoo is so it wont just wear off easily). Sorry about the tattoo though man. Even as a tattooist I wouldnt have tipped him.
Everyone is right. Peroxide is a bad, bad idea. Just say no.My advice is go to a much better artist and look at incorporating the line into a small extension or making it look like it belongs.


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